James Robinson's violin shop,( has moved from Chatswood, soon to be relocated in Victoria), provides all levels of string players with professional repairs and restoration service. We also sell a wide range of string instruments including violin, viola, cello, bass and their bows.

James is a qualified luthier, a graduate of the violin making school in Cremona, Italy. He has had 43 years of experience which includes working as a restorer with a number of the worlds' most well known and famous violin shops such as Jacques Francais Rare Violins in New York City, Ealing Strings and Cranston Workshop in London and Kanda & Co. in Tokyo, and has made more than 250 instruments. His teachers are the world famous violin makers Gio Batta Morassi and Francesco Bissolotti as well as many other fine craftspeople he has worked with in the last 4 decades . His customers, past and present  include string players from almost too many symphony orchestras to list as well as teachers,freelancers and students from around Australia and internationally. He is also an experienced teacher; having taught violin making / repair in the USA, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Please note that the shop is no longer in Chatswood. We will soon be relocating in Victoria

  • Selling a wide range of violin, viola, cello, bass and bows (very competitive prices ranging from a low 3 figure to 6 figure amounts)

  • Professional set-ups - To maximise your instruments potential

  • All types of professional repairs & restorations

  • New instrument making (violin, viola, cello) and custom orders

What’s New in Robinson Violin Place

 violin store Sydney

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                    Its a Good Plan to Come to This Shop Because ....

  • Real, extensive and high level experience and expertise matter when you want your instrument repaired or restored.
  • The smart shopper shops around before making a decision to buy an instrument.
  • We are friendly, non intimidating and will tell you the truth.
  • We have a lot to show you.
  • Our location is very convenient, only 1 block from Chatswood Station and free guest parking in the building.
  • Highest quality service and workmanship but with lower prices than our competitors and generous trade in allowances.

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Professional Level Instruments For Sale
  • Instruments are selected for their  sound and playability
  • All instruments are in new or restored condition
  • Offers considered
  • We often give generous trade-in allowance for your instrument
Violin Place Services
  • Set-ups - To maximise your instruments potential
  • All Repairs & Restorations
  • New Instrument Making (violin, viola, cello) and custom orders